National University of Mongolia (NUM)

The National University of Mongolia is the oldest University in Mongolia and as evidenced by the outstanding awards and national titles received by the faculty; The University has become the leading higher education institution. In 2013,the academic works of NUM’s scholars and researchers reached the peak of the country’s academic research,with majority of their research being published in international journals to significant appraisal. Our graduates are working in distinguished positions in public affairs,politics,economics,and cultural sectors. However, due to society’s varying demands, urgent change and revitalization is required of us to enhance our graduates’ aptitude in the workforce. Moving forward,we are planning a great deal of work to prepare skilled graduates and to develop research that can be used to solve urgent predicaments in public affairs and economic sectors and respond to the realities of social services and economic sectors and to organize research centers with an objective of setting the practical direction of research and creating reliable technology from the results of research.

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