National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS)

The National Union of Israeli students (NUIS) is an umbrella organization representing 300,000 students in 60 HEIs and vocational schools throughout Israel. NUIS’s goal is to defend the rights and interests of students from all sectors in Israel and to promote students’ status in Israel. In addition, NUIS influences the daily agenda in all aspects of student life and Higher Education, aiming towards shaping the next generation of leaders. NUIS acts to guarantee the quality and growth of the Higher Education system in Israel and the accessibility to Higher Education by all levels in society. Moreover, NUIS strengthens and promotes the connection between students and youth organizations in Israel and abroad and promotes Youth Authority Establishments. NUIS promotes and enhances the social awareness and social involvement of students in society and leads social projects. NUIS has supported the benefit of gender equality on campus for the past few years.

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