Ministry of Science and Education (Croatia)

The Ministry of Science and Education performs administrative and other tasks related to preschool education, elementary and secondary education in the country and abroad; develops the National Curriculum; approves textbooks and introduces regulations and standards as well as other requirements regarding educational work; fosters the development of the school system; works on improving the student standard; conducts inspections; establishes educational institutions and supervises the legal aspects of their activities; provides funding and facilities for educational work; enables children, young adults and adults to acquire technical skills and competences; supports organizations invested in education.

The Ministry also performs administrative and other tasks related to: the development of higher education; the implementation of national strategies and higher education programmes; the provision of funding and facilities for higher education institutions and monitoring their activities; the preparation of reports on the activities and evaluation of higher education institutions and study programmes, and their recommendation for approval; the subsidization of study costs; the improvement of the student standard; monitoring success rates of study programmes and other higher education processes; administering the implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework; administering the Registry of Higher Education Institutions and the Registry of Study Programmes; managing databases on higher education; fostering lifelong learning and higher education for adults; the administrative supervision of higher education institutions.

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