Marche Region

The Italian regional authority, the Marche Region, pursues the overall protection of health through prevention, treatment andrehabilitation, in full respect of human dignity. The Marche region mainly does this through programming, integration andcoordination of health and social services. The Regional Agency for Health – ARS (Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria) – is the operative arm of the Health Service (Servizio Sanità), which is the organizational structure of the Regional Council, the policy-making body responsible for Health (among other issues) in the Marche Region. The Region, besides other strategic, economic and monitoring roles, manages the development of the Social-Health Regional Plan, with the view of promoting socio-health integration, and with particular care for older people. It also manages policies related to family; childhood and youth; among others and it is responsible for programming the system concerning the supply of health. Through a series of agreements, the Marche Region formally works in tight cooperation with the University (UNIVPM), including the Faculty of Medicine and nursing.

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