Hochschul-Informations-System GmbH (HIS)

The Hochschul-Informations-System eG (HIS) enables German institutions of higher education (universities and universities of applied sciences) and their administrations to work and function more effectively. We focus on software development for higher education administrations. HIS was founded in 1969 by the Volkswagen Foundation as a non-profit organisation. In 1975, it was taken over by Germany’s Federal and state governments (Länder). In 2014 HIS was commuted into a cooperative. Members of the latter are at present more then 160 higher education institutions in Germany. HIS is an integral part of the German higher education system. This ensures a long-term not-for-profit performance profile that is best suited to meeting the needs of the higher education sector. HIS has been offering IT-support to higher education administrations for over forty years. Its store of knowledge regarding decision-making, work and organisational structures within the German higher education system is truly unique. As a result, HIS software is used by over 220 higher education institutions in Germany. Our cooperative members have entrusted HIS with the task of software development to ensure they always have the most efficient and appropriate software at their disposition. HIS’ range of services comprises not only the provision of software, but also additional services for maintenance and servicing, resolving problems, training courses and user support. HIS’ latest software generation is HISinOne, a web-based integrated software system developed in close cooperation with numerous higher education institutions.

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