Gordon Academic College of Education (GACE)

GACE: established in 1953 and is accredited to bestow the B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees.  Located in Haifa, GACE serves Israel’s northern peripheral areas.  GACE is multicultural and its 2,500 students and over 250 faculty members represent the ethnic, religious and cultural groups of Israel’s North (Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druse).  Dedicated to excellence in teacher training and involvement in the community, GACE  was the first teaching college in Israel to establish a Multicultural Educational Resource Center -MERC.   Its goals include training teachers in cultural diversity and developing educational programs which promote pluralistic values and leadership based on mutual respect and understanding, and enhance attitudes of tolerance and co-existence among different groups in Israel. One of the important mission goals for GACE is to develop quality teaching skills for faculty and students.  In order to guarantee the quality of teaching of its own faculty, GACE implements the following: Center for the Improvement of Faculty Teaching (created in 2012);  Experimental Teaching Program who is aimed to foster self-regulated learning  (SRL) (running since 2007); Development of Constructive Assessment Measures for Evaluating Faculty Teaching; Mentoring and Peer-Teaching program; and Quality Assessment of GACE’s faculty teaching. GACE  has implemented community programs in Israel and abroad. GACE is coordinating a TEMPUS IV 5th Program Development of an International Model for Curriculum Reform in Multicultural Education and Diversity Training (DOIT ) and is a member in 6th call  Life Long Learning in Applied Fields (LLAF).

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