Foundation Saint Paul Andalusia CEU

The CEU community comprises more than 28.000 students, 160.000 alumni and 2.600 professionals in the field of education and represents the backbone of the greatest private web of educational centers in Spain. Its academic offer is taught nowadays by 5 universities and university centers. CEU has been contributing for more than 80 years to society’s improvement through education taught in its centers, in which it offers an educational model based on: a holistic personal approach, academic and professional excellence, new technologies, and internationalisation. CEU focuses on employment and supports the idea that education in values and virtues is essential for students. CEU offers education in all levels, from primary school to postgraduate education, through centers based all over Spain, in which more than 300 official programmes and own titles are taught. CEU offer education in different fields as: Health (Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Psychology, Odontology…), Social and Juridical Sciences (Laws, Politics, Business, and Economics, Marketing…) Engineering and Architecture, Communication and Humanities. CEU wants to compete in the global market with online business programmes taught in Spanish.

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