European Vocational Training Association (EVTA)

EVTA – The European Vocational Training Association is network organisation representing VET providers across Europe. Born in 1998, the association is the result of the cooperation of Euroqualification, a project launched in 1993 aimed to build a European platform for joint design, mutual recognition of professional qualifications, development of training curricula in line with the need of companies and labour market, geographical mobility of students. During the years, EVTA evolved into an important stakeholder in the field of VET and human capital development, participating in various cooperation and concertation tables, providing support to its member organisations and ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled.

Members of the EVTA network are public and private VET providers and companies acting at international, national and regional level.

EVTA works closely together with EVBB to share experiences and to work on joint activities to make people more employable and to make Lifelong Learning (LLL) a reality.

EVTA has specific expertise in: restructuring process in enterprises, learning outcomes based approaches, workbased learning, internationalisation in VET, mobility, the use and implementation of the European reference tools (ECVET, EQF, EQAVET, EUropass, NFIL).

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