European Multimedia Forum Ltd.

EMF is The Forum of e-Excellence, the European association of the champions of the digital economy. Its mission is to support its members through skills development, innovation acceleration, investment acquisition and market expansion.EMF identifies the champions of the digital economy through the yearly European Seal of e-Excellence competition and Award.The 300+ winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence (since 2003), or e-Champions, form EMF’s membership. At its core, the Seal winners of the last three years form the Club of e-Excellence.EMF supports the Club of e-Excellence and e-Champions through an integrated portfolio of platforms, programmes, projects and services.EMF provides invaluable networking opportunities through its events, social networks, Galaxy of e-Excellence and Brain Trust.EMF reaches out to more than 15.000 stakeholders in Europe and the world, representing an aggregate turnover of EUR 25bn and 500,000 jobs.

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