Crazy Town

Crazy Town builds entrepreneurial coworking communities that collaborate with universities. We have four locations in Finland with total of 200 company and organizational members. We bring together solopreneurs, micro-sized companies, startups and teams from larger organizations, who want to cooperate, learn new and grow their business together. Also universities and their UBC professionals are our members.

Crazy Town has operated since 2004. During these years we have organized hundreds of projects related to university-business cooperation as a contractor, but also utilized all sorts of cooperation methods with universities to develop our own business. We truly believe that university-business-cooperation is a people’s game. In other words, it happens when people responsible for creating and delivering UBC have great boundary spanning skills. With the help of Spanning Boundaries project, we hope to increase this kind of capability throughout Finland and Europe. We also hope to connect our company members and Finnish universities with our European partners and networks.

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