Chamber of Commerce of Spain

The figure of the Chamber of Commerce was created by the Royal Decree of 9 April 1886, with the recognition of the existing associations of merchants, industrialists and shipbuilders. In 1993, the Spanish Parliament unanimously passed the Chamber of Commerce Act which confirmed them as organisations and defined them as public law corporations. The Act also recognised their importance as intermediary institutions in the representation, promotion and defence of the interests of merchants, industrialists and shipbuilders and as a consolidating force of the country’s economic fabric. Chambers of Commerce are the fruit of the interaction between the state and society and facilitate the participation of businesses in our country’s economic life. Spain has 88 Chambers of Commerce with more than 400 service points nation-wide.The Chamber network maintains a delegation in Brussels and since the year 2001 has been coordinating, along with the Secretary of State for Trade, the 37 Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad.

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