Belarusian State University (BSU)

The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation and cultural centre of the Republic of Belarus. It exercises its’ potential which is based on the best domestic and international experience in order to comply with intellectual, cultural and social demands and interests of the individual, society and state and to facilitate the sustainable development of the country. The basis core of the BSU is made up of the academic community which is a creative union of teachers, researches, students and post- graduate students. Today at the BSU carry out their different duties almost 7400 employees and 2500 of them occupy teaching full-time positions within university major faculties and institutes. The quality of education is assured by a high qualification of the BSU teaching staff. In total more than 10,7% of teaching staff are professors, DSc degree holders. There are 618 research workers involved in caring out academic research, experimental and design work, innovative and production activities to solve most actual problems of science, technologies and industrial production. The BSU student community comprised of almost 29000 under-graduate and Master degree students, 663 Post-Graduate (Doctoral) and 11 Post-Doctoral Students. In 2009 university accepted 813 international students. Today more than 1700 international students from 53 countries of world are pursuing their education at the BSU.

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