Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics (BAFE)

Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics (BAFE) is a private higher educational institution, managed by the Founders Council. It was established in 1994.It is a modern and dynamically developing higher educational institution, which specializes in economics, finance, accounting, management, and tourism. The Academy offers an excellent opportunity to learn four foreign languages: English, French, Italian and German. Special courses on foreign languages and studies are taught  by the  native speakers and professional teachers. There are four computer classes at BAFE equipped with the up-to-date models of computers; Internet access is available through the dedicated channel. In 2005 BAFE passed a first public institutional accreditation in Central Asia CAMEQ (Central Asian foundation for management development, European foundation for management development) successfully and got a golden diploma and CAMEQ accreditation label.BAFE is an educational and methodological center for: Chamber of Accountants and auditors of the Kyrgyz Republic, First private Pension fund “KYRGYZSTAN”, State Committee on investments and property management of the Kyrgyz Republic, Association of tour operators of the Kyrgyz Republic, Association of the Silk Road of the Kyrgyz Republic.