African Network for the Internationalization of Education (ANIE)

The African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE) is a pan-African, non-profit making, non-governmental organization committed to the advancement of high quality research, capacity building, information sharing and advocacy on the international dimension of higher education with a prime focus on Africa. ANIE is a membership based organization serving its members, their institutions, affiliates and others engaged in internationalization of higher education in Africa. The membership spreads to most African countries. The International Dimension was funded by Ford Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York and undertook a comparative analysis of the current issues and emerging trends related to internationalization of higher education in Africa. The results of this study has been published in a book co-published by the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the Centre for International Higher Education (CIHE), Boston College, USA. The project co-directors Damtew Teferra (CIHE, Boston College) and Jane Knight (Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto) are also the co-editors of the new book which comprises articles on internationalization and case studies from 11 African countries. The project brought together lead authors and young scholars from the selected countries. The team had a series of workshops and meetings held in different parts of Africa i.e. Cairo, Egypt (March 2007), Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (August, 2007) and Nairobi, Kenya (April, 2008). These meetings were also important in building the organizational structures of ANIE. The network aims to be the leading organization in enhancing the understanding and development of the international dimension of higher education in Africa by expanding both knowledge and building, strengthening and sustaining a cohort of competent professionals in this field.

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