Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts (AMTAP)

Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts  is one of the oldest higher artistic institutions in the Republic of Moldova, and  the only state institution  in artistic education in our country. Mission of the academy is to offer an advanced professional  formation of qualified specialists of higher education in music, theatre, choreography, multimedia, fine arts and applied arts, design and culturology, as well as preparation of future teachers  for  arts and culture area. The didactic process within academy is oriented on the education of artistic personality, being very individualized.  It presumes not just transmission of information from a professor to a student, but  first of all, formation of a creative atitude, creative and  non-traditional approach.  We prepare valueble and unique specialists, that;s why our professors have to find a “key” to every student, taking in account his   talent,  character,  personality, specifics of studing programs.

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