Mission Statement

Our mission

EURASHE’s mission is to strengthen the impact of innovative, high quality professional higher education and related user-oriented research in Europe by representing professional higher education institutions and facilitating their multi-stakeholder cooperation and dialogue.

Our vision

EURASHE strives to support the development and transformation of European society through professional higher education.


The aims of EURASHE are:

  • to contribute to the creation of a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and European Research
    Area (ERA) by influencing policy-making at European level on issues pertaining to professional higher
  • to represent the members’ common interests at European level, as well as outside the EHEA;
  • to promote professional higher education in the EHEA and ERA;
  • to provide members with a platform for communication, information and exchange of views, with a focus on issues relevant to the future development of higher education;
  • to ensure and safeguard the cooperation between the members of the Association;
  • to achieve cooperation in the field of higher education by establishing close links with other organisations that have similar objectives.

To achieve its aims, EURASHE deploys activities such as:

  • membership representation, notably towards European institutions, authorities and stakeholders;
  • production of policy papers, analytical studies and other documents;
  • organisation of networking activities, learning events, conferences and seminars for the members and partners;
  • dissemination of information;
  • partnership with stakeholder organisations in higher education;
  • involvement in projects.