Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Western Greece

The T.E.I. of Western Greece along with its social partners and the collaborating Universities, form a platform committed to: 1. High Quality in Education and Training under the Lifelong Learning principles; 2. Development of Innovation and joint RTD programs/projects; 3. Collaboration with social partners in Greece and other countries towards a sustainable development. There is a considerable effort to implement a policy which bears in any process a European component. To achieve the targets we have elaborated our Strategic Plan which will effectively drive us towards our Mission, thus contributing to the Regional Development. Our mission is to: 1. Integrate the Academic themes as drivers of Innovation and Development with emphasis in the Region of West Greece; 2. Identify knowledge trends and future national needs and act upon them to serve the 1st target; 3. Continuously reinvent the education portfolio of the departments of T.E.I. itself to ensure that it is innovative and radical and that responds to student needs, regional development and strategic national priorities; 4. Strengthen and manage on quality principles the T.E.I. services so as to become an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary, stream lined, research – intensive and collaborative University, focused on Innovation; 5. Be a leader in the development of Green Energy; 6. Develop a radical, sustainable and appropriate strategy for revenue growth; 7. Empower the T.E.I. of Western Greece commitment to the Greek social, cultural and economic development; 8. Secure a small number of strategic alliances with national and international partners, especially under the Union’s values and principles; 9. Introduce Strategic Planning to all processes towards an effective Quality Management System; 10. Run a policy such that the European component gives an added value to T.E.I. graduates, staff, departments & faculties. Vision: We strive to become a universally accepted and recognized Academic Campus, building an environment of Learning and Searching towards Gnosis, offering opportunities with an added value to all our students staff and collaborators.

(TEI of Western Greece incorporated the TEI of Patras and TEI of Messolonghi)