Regional Open Social Institute (ROSI)

Региональный открытый социальный институт (РОСИ)

Regional Open Social Institute was established in 1994. Nowadays it has 5 schools: Information Technologies and Computers, Communicative Technologies, Economics, Law, Pre-institutional Training and Supplementary School and 12 specialities: Pedagogy and Psychology, Psychology, Human Resources Management, Finance, Accountancy, Analysis and Audit, Computer and Computer-based System Software, Information Technologies and Computers, Applied Information Technologies (in management), Social and Cultural Tourism and Service, Legal Studies, Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication, Translation and Translation Studies. The institute gives quality education, provided by the highly skilled academics. The institute develops various forms of extracurricular activity and student service. ROSI organizes many traditional events such as «Open Doors Day», «Admission Party», psychological sessions, competitions, dancing parties, celebrations, excursions. International collaboration is also one of the most important fields of ROSI’s work. Nowadays there are more than 10 international contracts: California State University (USA), Forum Foundation (Seattle, Washington), Portsmouth University (UK), EURASHE etc.