Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC)

Magyar Rektori Konferencia

The Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) is a body to represent the whole Hungarian higher education institution system. Its members are the rectors of universities and colleges. The system of Hungarian higher education is very diverse as it comprises state, church, private and foundation higher education institutions which all are represented both in Hungary and abroad by HRC as a public corporation. The conditions of operation of HRC are provided by higher education institutions. HRC is, by virtue of law, a public benefit organization with special legal status to perform also public duties set out in the Act on Higher Education in connection with its members and to the activities and duties of its members. HRC is an independent public corporation entitled to represent higher education institutions and to protect their interests. HRC may deliver an opinion on any issue with relevance to the operation of the higher education system and may make proposals for decision-makers or those in charge of preparing decisions. The Statutes include the regulation of operation and a four-level system of organization of HRC. The supreme decision-making organization of HRC is the Plenary Session, comprising all of the rectors of the Hungarian higher education institutions (66). Universities and colleges are represented by a specific University Section and a College Section. Operative decision-making and implementation duties are fulfilled by the Presidency with ten members. Special professional issues are discussed by nineteen committees with powers of decision-preparation. The bodies of HRC are supported by the Secretariat headed by the Secretary General.