University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry (DTMD)

The DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry operates and coordinates an international network of renowned university institutes, academic teaching practices, professors and medical professionals as well as international professional associations. As a private university under Luxembourg law, it is run by its founders and private owners.

The headquarters of the university are located in the castle of Wiltz (L-9516 Wiltz) while the administration and student secretariat is in L-1273 Luxembourg, 19 rue de Bitbourg.

The DTMD University focuses on extra-occupational postgraduate master’s degrees for licensed physicians and dentists, as well as on special education and training certificates for professional medical and dental technicians. In addition, the DTMD University is intensively involved in the further education of nursing staff for mobile and inpatient care. Digitization will fundamentally change the world of work in therapy and care. New technologies open up new perspectives, but also redesign existing processes and fields of work.