Nina J Zugic

Dr Nina J Zugic is internationally recognised educationalist, specialised in developing multidisciplinary project proposals, project proposals’ assessment and evaluation,​ and findings related to the integration of learning, education, industry and applied sciences and arts. Whilst working for The ​Institute of Education, University of London, Nina pioneered Personalised Learning, which offers the right skills at the right time within a Higher Education setting, research and/or work environment, as well as within the context of the Future Cities. Currently, Nina works as a Project Development Consultant​, European Commission Evaluation and Assessment Expert, is involved in the PROCSEE Project as an International Expert and is on the Advisory Board of the HORIZON 2020 funded MARINA Project. Prior to this, Nina was Learning and Skills Network (LSN Learning) Associate and was heavily involved in designing, developing and evaluating the UK Government funded programmes, including Functional Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education, and Building Schools for the Future (BSF). Nina’s academic credits include an MA in Education and a PhD in Professional Development and Technology-Enhanced Learning from the University of London.

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