Antonis A. Zorpas

Antonis A. Zorpas has studied Chemical Engineering and holds an MSc in Chemical Engineer and a PhD, which focuses on Environmental Management and Engineering. Dr. Zorpas’ PhD focuses on the Development of a Methodology for the composting of sewage sludge using Natural Minerals (Zeolites/Cli). He had or still has significant co-operations with several Universities and other institutes in Europe, while acting as Expert evaluator on behalf of EU he evaluated several research programs from 2007 until today. Now Dr. Zorpas is Lecturer at the Open University of Cyprus (Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences) teaching in the Master program (i) Environmental Conservation and Management, (ii) Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment/Management as well as Environmental Friendly Technology (iii) Renewable Energy (iv) Sustainable Development-Strategic Planning (v) Risk Assessment/LCA/EIA/Health and Safety/ etc.

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