Jin Yang

Jin Yang is currently a senior programme specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Hamburg, Germany. He carries out research on lifelong learning policies and strategies, facilitates the development of an international network of learning cities/regions, and coordinates UIL’s programme to develop capacity for establishing lifelong learning systems in UNESCO Member States. Before his secondment to UIL in 2008, Mr Yang served as the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Basic Education in the Ministry of Education of China and the National EFA Coordinator. He led the development and implementation of many national programmes in the fields of early childhood care and education, primary and secondary education, technical and vocational education as well as adult literacy in China. He received his B.Sc at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China, M.Ed and Ph.D at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Jin Yang has published many books, papers and book reviews in English and Chinese, including most recently a Study on Key Issues and Policy Considerations in Promoting Lifelong Learning in Selected African Countries – a paper prepared for the 2012 ADEA Triennale co-authored with S. Walters, and P. Roslander (2012); Analytical Tool on Lifelong Learners – one of the toolkits of the UNESCO Education Sector’s General Education Quality Analysis/Diagnosis Framework (GEQAF), co-authored with W. Mauch (2012); Conceptual Evolution and Policy Developments in Lifelong Learning co-edited with R. Valdes-Cotera (2011); and An Overview of Building Learning Cities as a Strategy for Promoting Lifelong Learning – a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, Volume 18, No. 2, Autumn 2012.