Ruth Whittaker

Professor Ruth Whittaker is Head of the Centre of Learning Enhancement and Academic Development (GCU LEAD). Her role includes leading and supporting academic and professional development and enhanced approaches to learning, teaching, assessment underpinned by scholarship and research; providing strategic and academic leadership for implementation of the university’s Widening Participation Strategy, including Articulation, in collaboration with the GCU community and external partners; engaging in policy and strategy development and leading university initiatives in Learning and Teaching as well as external research and development, nationally and internationally, in relation to learning and teaching policy and practice. Ms Whittaker has particular responsibility for research and development in the areas of recognising prior informal learning (RPL); articulation; transition and progression. She has led university-wide strategic developments in these fields, such as GCU’s Widening Participation Strategy; RPL Policy and Guidelines; as well as directed research and development projects at a national and European level at the policy/practice interface. This included the development of the national SCQF RPL Guidelines (2003-05); models and resources to support RPL in the Community Learning and Development (2005-06) and Social Services sectors (2006-08) and SCQF Partnership and Skills Development Scotland within the context of Careers Guidance (2009-12). She has also led a number of EU funded projects, including the Socrates Grundtvig project Valuing Learning from Experience (VaLEx) (2003-05). Ruth Whittaker is Chair of the QAA Scotland/Universities Scotland RPL HEI Network which supports research and development across the sector and is a member of the Steering Group of the European RPL Network.