Andre Vyt

Andre Vyt is associate professor in behavioural sciences at the departments of health care and rehabilitation sciences (Artevelde University College & Ghent University) and responsible for quality management and research in teaching and learning in the department of teacher education (Artevelde University College). He is founding partner and managing director of PROSE, an expertise network in quality management. During his career he has held different positions: researcher, lecturer, head of teaching & learning support services, institutional quality manager, financial manager for student services and logistics, head of research & development, academic board member, and between 1999 and 2003 he was vice-chairman of the working group on quality management of the Flemish Higher Education Institutions Council. He has managed several innovation projects in teaching & learning and has participated as an expert in more than 50 (national and international) auditing visits in higher education. His main focus is on integrative quality management, innovation, educational design, inter-professional education, and distance education.