Srđan Verbić

Srđan Verbić is the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. He graduated in theoretical physics at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, after which he worked as physics programme manager in Research Station Petnica. He defended his master thesis in the field of artificial intelligence in 2001, and his doctoral thesis on evaluation of knowledge tests in 2014 at the University of Belgrade. Since 2003 he has been participating in an international study of student achievements PISA, and from 2005 he has worked at the Institute for Education Quality Evaluation, initially as a consultant and coordinator for natural sciences, and in 2013 he became head of the Centre for examinations. Mr Verbić has 20 years of experience in the field of education of talented high school students, during which he organised around 100 seminars and workshops, as well as 12 conferences for young, talented high school students, university students and teachers. He led the project on creating the standards one needs to meet in order to successfully finish the compulsory education in the field of sciences. He is actively engaged in the international network that connects organisations that deal with talented students from all around the world. Minister says his professional goal is to promote critical thinking, lifelong learning and the use of scientific methods. He has approached that goal as a lecturer, mentor, programme leader, researcher in education, textbook writer, science communicator, curriculum advisor, coordinator of national exams as well as the minister of education and science.

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