Marjan Velej

Marjan Velej is Coordinator of the IMPLETUM project. Mag. Marjan Velej obtained his BSc and (scientific) MSc degree at the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana where he also worked as an assistant and a researcher for some time. Later he was employed by companies Sava Kranj and Danieli, Italy, also as a researcher in mechanical engineering. He started his career in education as a teacher in vocational school and then as a director of an adult education institution. In 2001 he founded a private school, providing secondary level vocational education programmes and vocational college programmes (SCHE), where besides managing, he was also teaching mechanics. All along has been an active member of Association of Slovene Vocational Colleges and engaged in several committees and councils concerning with SCHE in Slovenia. In 2009 he took over a leadership of a national project IMPLETUM (taking place in period 2008-11), financed by ESF and Ministry of RS for Education and Sport, which is dedicated to implementation of “Bologna” renovated and new SCHE programmes provided by the network of Slovene Vocational Colleges.