Krista Tuulik

Krista Tuulik is currently working as the Rector of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. She started her academic career in 2008 joining the same institution as a vice-rector for academic affairs. Before that she had dedicated the first fifteen years of her professional life to the hotel and restaurant industry in Estonia and defended her PhD in 2007 in management sciences at Estonian Business School. While joining the academia she realised that the quality issues are a complex issue that is worth thorough investigation. That is the reason why she joined one of the first quality trainings of EFQM carried out for academic society in 2009. After that quality assessments became a real devotion for her. In 2010 she was an expert of transitional evaluation process of Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency in Business Administration study group, in 2012 she participated as an expert on institutional accreditation of Lithuanian higher education and in 2013 she became a junior expert of Institutional Evaluation Programme of Romanian universities carried out by European University Association.