Frits Schormans

Frits Schormans began his career with general police work. General police work is a good basis for other more general police jobs in the future. The most important activities were related to traffic, crime, environment and public order. After this job he became a manager combined with auxiliary Prosecutor. After 20 years of practice experience Mr Schormans changed careers to regional staff work. In this job the most important duties were analysis and research, making plans and evaluation. Very important in police work is working with responsible partners to solve problems. After the regional staff work he became interested in the HRM-cycle. Because coaching staff was important for him, he has emerged himself in RPL. At the beginning in the context of admission and relief to education, later in a regional project done with RPL as a career tool. Employees could prove their own value based on their working experience, and then they have to evaluate this value with their manager or career development to work on their own employability. The project gave some valuable information. employees were usually worth more than they expected. The research was conducted by a local Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences) with the involvement of our Dutch Police Academy. Because this project proved successful, Mr Schormans is now national project leader to implement this theme. For his job he has done all relevant internal training. The most important model he has learned in this training is the University model of action learning.