Juha Saukkonen

Juha P. Saukkonen (M. Sc., econ), Senior Lecturer of Management at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Global Business Management-unit. Juha P. Saukkonen is the coordinator of High Tech Management-specialization programme in the educational unit hosting some 30+ nationalities inside its student body and its multicultural faculty. He is the 3rd Certified Supercoach® Instructor in Finland and has deployed the Supercoach® methodology with 50+  business cases, about 200 attendees, of which 100+ are student coaches coming from 15+ countries. In addition to his duties in more traditional forms of teaching, Saukkonen serves as the Project Study- and Practical Training- coordinator in his international study program. In this role he is involved on a yearly basis with some 50+ E-E (education-enterprise) collaboration projects, 2-3 externally funded larger R&D projects and 50+ traineeships, mostly in knowledge-based businesses aiming to international markets. Prior to joining academia, Juha P. Saukkonen had a career in product, sales and customer service management in global publicly listed company. He is a member of Finnish Network Academy in Futures Studies, and has published in journals and conferences on topics in Entrepreneurship, Project-based learning and Future Foresight. Saukkonen has also guest-lectured in various European universities on those topics.