Mathieu Ritou

After a MSc degree at E.N.S. Cachan, his PhD at IRCCyN lab was about the monitoring of machining (2006). He is currently Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Nantes and LS2N lab. His research topics are spindle dynamics, HSM monitoring and Industrie4.0. He has supervised 6 PhD and 5 MSc students. He is scientific management of ANR SmartEmma and FUI QuaUsi projects; and involved in H2020 FoF02-16 COROMA and CleanSky2 RODEO projects. He is international expert at the ISO T.C.39 on machine-tool standards and has been Visiting Prof. in Beihang (China), Kyoto (Japan) and Songkhla (Thailand) Universities. He is secretary of the AUTGV, French association of High Speed Machining.