Jari Riiheläinen

Jari Riiheläinen is Education Policy and Systems Analyst in the education and youth policy analysis unit (formerly Eurydice) in the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EAEAC). He joined the unit in 2012 after gaining a PhD from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), his thesis focusing on the qualitative analysis of the debates related to Euro-membership in Austria, Finland and Ireland. Since joining Eurydice, he has contributed to Eurydice publications ‘Funding of Education in Europe 2000-2012: The Impact of the Economic Crisis’ and ‘Education and Training in Europe 2020: Responses from the EU Member States’, and he was the main author for ‘Government education expenditure in the European Union during the economic crisis (2008-2011)’. He has recently joined the higher education research team, and is at the moment conducting research on the Social Dimension of higher education and Bologna Process implementation.