Javier Riaño

Javier Riaño is a psychologist, curious and voracious learner. He is the co-founder of Fondo Formación Euskadi. Head of Projects and Innovation. He has 20 years of experience in project innovation management in FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI, (www.ffeuskadi.net) a vocational training company in the following areas: innovation and knowledge management, local development, employment, social responsibility, development and transfer of projects innovation in learning, consulting, training, and socio-labor orientation. Currently he is also the head of DEMOLA BASQUE COUNTRY, an International Open Innovation Platform. (www.demola.net). Advisor in social innovation projects at BASQUE country (2011-2015). Head of TRANSITION (2013-2015) Basque Country. Transnational Network for Social Innovation Incubation. (http://transitionproject.eu/). Innobasque member (http://www.innobasque.eus/) and cofounder of the Emotional Intelligence Consortium. (http://www.consorciointeligenciaemocional.org/). Contributor to various research and publications in these areas. Currently working on various projects of social entrepreneurship, employment, learning, emotional intelligence, production, teaching, and innovation. He has also experience in cooperating on several education and training projects in Northern Areas (Pakistan) with Baltistan Foundation. (http://www.baltistan.eus/home?set_language=en)