Jean-Philippe Restoueix

Jean Philippe RESTOUEIX is 53 years old. He studied French linguistic at Paris Sorbonne, in parallel with an engagement in different NGO, from local to European levels. Since 1994, he is administrator within the Council of Europe. He started in the Youth Directorate and has worked since 2007 within the Education Directorate. In the youth field, he particularly followed the developments of youth politics in the Central and Eastern Europe countries. Furthermore, he followed the developments of the training of associative youth leaders in the countries concerned, including the post-conflict areas (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Caucase). In the field of education, he follows some working groups of the Bologna Process; the Lisbon Recognition Convention on recognition of qualifications, included the National Recognition Centers; the development of national qualifications frameworks within Higher Education of the European Higher Education Area. He also follows the Working Group on the recognition of qualifications of refugees. He represents the Council of Europe to the advisory Council of the “European Qualifications Framework Life Long Learning/EQF LLL”. Within the Institut des Hautes Etudes Européennes, he offers a course on intercultural learning. Since November 2014, he also works on the topics of “transmission of the remembrance of the holocaust and prevention of crime against humanity” and “the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue”.