Zbyněk Pitra

After finishing his M.Eng in power engineering at Czech Technical University in 1965 he gained his first PhD (CSc) in Technical Cybernetics at 1972 and second PhD (DrSc) in Economics at 1988. He is an author of 25 books and around 400 articles published in professional journals or conferences proceedings. During his professional career Zbynek Pitra worked in business organizations, research institutions and also was teaching at different universities in Czech Republic, Germany and U.S.A. Now he is acting as a professor of management at the University in Hradec Kralove and parallel as independent consultant who deals mostly with issues tied to raising company’s business performance through innovation activities. Zbynek Pitra served in period 1997-2003 as vice-president of Czech Managers Association, since 2007 he is a chairman of the Association Experts Group.