Petra Perényi

Ms Petra Perényi was the project manager of the EU-funded project “Digitalizing Educational Authority’s Public Administration Processes”, budget of cca. 2M euros, between December 2009 and March 2013, and thus gained project management skills for EU-funded projects. She was also the national networks coordinator of the European Schoolnet, and the national networks coordinator of the ICT cluster operated by the EC’s DG EAC, 2007–2012, throughout which Ms Perényi got to know the mechanisms of the collaboration in a wide network. Her work at Hungarian Rectors Conference covers both national and international related tasks, with a scope on the whole higher educational system, and with a special focus on European initiatives and projects. Currently she is the project manager of two EU-funded projects aiming at the improvement of teaching and learning in HE and responding to the challenges of professional HE. She is also responsible for the tasks emerging from HRC’s membership in EUA and IAU.

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