Samo Pavlin

Dr. Samo Pavlin is researcher in the area of Education and Employment at the University of Ljubljana. He is also Principal of National Research programme “Sociological aspects of sustainable socio-spatial and manpower development of Slovenia in Europe” at the University of Ljubljana. Recently he supervised and participated in several international projects on education and employment. He was a principle researcher in the transversal project 7EU VET [short for Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding the VET Educational System in 7 European Countries]. He was also involved in several other studies of the OECD and Slovenian Government (Recognition and Certification of Non Formal Learning, Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework, …). As a coordinator he completed the international HEGESCO project [short for Higher Education as a Generator of Strategic Competencies] that was as a successor of the REFLEX project (6FP project) nominated as a success story of ERASMUS research related projects in 2010. As coordinator he also participated in the international DEHEMS project [short for Development of Higher Education Management Systems] and in the EMCOSU project [short for Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities]. He has authored and co-authored more than 33 articles, book chapters and monographs in Slovenia and internationally.