Gudrun Paulsdottir

Gudrun Paulsdottir is an internal expert in higher education. She has held many positions in various higher education organisations, including at Stockholm University in Sweden. She has also been a Senior Consultant with iE&D Solutions in the Netherlands. She has previously held the following positions in the higher education sector in Sweden; International Strategist at University Board, Director of Student Affairs, Director of International Office and Head of Admission, Degrees and International Office. She held the position as President and Vice-President of the EAIE, The European Association for International Education for two years each and is currently the Immediate Past President. Her area of expertise is international strategies and integration of internationalisation into university activities, internationalisation of higher education, university management, international project management and intercultural communication. She serves as an international expert in matters related higher education and internationalisation for among others, the European Commission as well as the Nordic Council.