Teresa Paiva

Teresa Paiva, Professor at Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), PhD in Management, specialisation in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour area, holds a master’s degree in Business Sciences, specialising in Strategic Management and Business Development and a degree in Economics. She is the Director of the Research Unit for Inland Development of Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), since October 2010, Professor in the field of Management and Marketing, at Management and Technology School of High Education (ESTG) of IPG’s, Director and Editor-in-Chief of Egitania Sciencia scientific journal, since September 2012. Co-founder of the ESTG Marketing Lab/IPG, where she develops business/marketing consulting work and marketing studies for different entities. Teresa Paiva has experience in coordinating several scientific and applied research projects, co-financed by the Minister Foundation for Science and Technology and other European structural funds.