Peter Obdržálek

Peter Obdržálek is serving as Head of Centre for Educational Management at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) and is founder of Armstrong Competence Consulting company. In the recent years he has devoted much of his capacity to coordinate teams of researchers, consultants, universities and employer organizations working on labour market projections, higher education qualification and competency requirement trends, identification of gaps in structure and quality of higher education graduates in comparison to the needs of employers. He also was involved in cooperating with a large scale of universities on innovative solutions helping to close these gaps by changing curricula, fostering apprenticeships and other forms of collaboration with business and industry. Peter knows well both sides of the isle – academia and business/industry environment, and adds international experience through long term stays and research/educational collaboration with Universities in Germany, USA, Austria, Czech Republic. His profile also includes international management experience beyond his own company, having served as Chairman of BOD and Managing director in an international holding company and last but not least consultancy to public institutions (including advisory for the first President of Slovak Republic, the former Prime minister of Slovak Republic, the Mayor of Capitol Bratislava, the Government foreign investment fund of Austria FGG and other).