Sándor Magda

Sándor Magda was born on 13 March 1946 in Ludas, Hungary. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Debrecen University of Agriculture. After graduating from the university, he worked as an agronomist on a farm, and after gaining work experience, from 1978 he has worked at the Gödöllö University of Agriculture as a lecturer and later as a professor (from 1993). His positions at the university were that of Head of department, Dean and Vice-Rector. Concurrently, he is the founder and Director of Károly Róbert College in Gyöngyös. Professor Sándor Magda has cooperated with the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and the Faculty of Economics and Management since 1980 in the field of educating young scientists, organising joint scientific events and joint research projects focusing on small- and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to his personal participation, cooperation has been extended to organising joint educational programmes of Hotel Management and Tourism and to organising joint scientific conferences in the Slovak Republic and Hungary, in particular with the attendance of young scientists and educators.