Eve Lewis

Eve Lewis is the current head of student participation in quality Scotland (sparqs). She has worked in the field of student engagement for over 20 years, previously within Heriot-Watt University Students’ Association, prior to taking up her post as Head of sparqs in 2010.  During that time she has led many innovative developments, including pioneering work linking course representative systems with senior decision-making processes and implementing one of the first schemes of student-led learning and teaching awards in Scotland. Eve has been involved in developments around the role of students in Scotland’s Quality Enhancement Framework since its inception over 10 years ago and in her current role is responsible for ensuring support for this to institutions and their students’ associations within Scotland’s 19 universities and 26 colleges. Eve is a member of many of the key committees in the Scottish post-16 sector, supporting agencies in developing their student engagement activities. She led the research and development work in Scotland that resulted in the nationally agreed Student Engagement Framework for Scotland, a resource widely used within the Scottish college and university sectors and beyond. Current projects include supporting the developments of Student Partnership Agreements, inputting into the current review of the Quality Enhancement Framework and developing student engagement in quality across a range of non-traditional student journeys. Eve’s work has at its foundation, a belief that the more engaged students are in their academic communities, the more likely they will be to go on and play active and substantial roles in civic and political society. Her work is built on the principle that the more we work in partnership with students, the better the student learning experience and the more successful our colleges and universities will be.

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