Lisbet Lenaers

Lisbet Lenaers is the coordinator of the Thomas More platform IDeE (idea in Dutch) which stands for ‘Identiteit, Dialoog en Engagement’ (Identity, Dialogue and social Engagement). IDeE seeks synergy in the organization of intra- and extracurricular initiatives offering students possibilities to widen their horizon, to deepen their experience, to practice acquired knowledge and expertise and to develop personal life skills. After her Master in Handelswetenschappen, (Business Studies) Lisbet got her teaching degree, studied Religion Studies at the Roman Catholic Diocese and the Manama ‘Levensbeschouwing, Overheid en Samenleving’ (Faith, Government and Society). She volunteered for an equal rights organization for people with a disability (GRIP vzw) and for a restaurant for the homeless (Kamiano Antwerp). As a student she became wheelchair dependent due to an accident. The experience of being a minority group member spiced her views and skills on inclusion and participation. Lisbet worked as a teacher in secondary school before she became coordinator and lecturer at what is now known as Thomas More University College. She combined working for the platform IDeE with working at the diocese of Antwerp and now with teaching Religion in secondary school. As a foster mum, she continued to learn more about Diversity and Interfaith Collaboration, and keeps volunteering in several initiatives on those matters.