Marlies Leegwater

Marlies Leegwater joined the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Netherlands in 1985. Her responsibilities ranged from development cooperation and cooperation with countries other than EU, via internationalisation, policy analysis and quality assurance to coordinating internationalisation of higher education. From the start onward she has been involved in the Bologna Process and stimulated the development of shared generic descriptors for the levels of first, second and third cycle higher education, to ensure transparency in levels of these, for some countries, new qualifications. In 2007, when the three Benelux countries, Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands provided the Secretariat for the Bologna Process through the offer of hosting the 2009 ministerial Conference, she became Head of the Bologna Secretariat which operated from the Ministry of the Flemish Community in Brussels Belgium. Before she moved to the Bologna Secretariat she represented The Netherlands in the Bologna Follow-Up Group, and she is doing that again presently She graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master in Biology and a PhD in Tsetse fly rearing”, while being employed as a university researcher. Earlier she taught Biology at a VET school in Kenya.