Ármin Ladányi

Mr. Ármin Ladányi is founder and Vice-President for Foreign Office at House of European Affairs and Diplomacy (HEAD). He is responsible for the professional line of the association and for the its foreign and national relations. As HEAD is part of the young initiative, the Youth Business Group holding (YBG) therefore Mr. Ladányi is in charge of the so-called Talent Program. As a young motivated European, Mr. Ladányi is working for the European Parliament as a “This time I am voting” volunteer and for the European Commission as a “Young Multiplier”. The professional EU focused student organization led by Mr. Ladányi, could invite to the academic milieu, multiply distinguished guests from diplomacy and could fulfill auditoriums with thousands of students through three years. Mr. Ladányi’s aim is to give the opportunity of YBG to other universities – beside Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE), Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), National University of Public Service (NKE), Budapest Business School (BGE) – in terms of having an association that gives practical experience, substantial knowledge and relations for university students during university years.