Jean-Pierre Lacotte

Jean-Pierre has spent most of his career within the Thomson group now Technicolor, starting at Thomson-CSF Central Research Laboratory in the Optical Storage Lab. In 1982, he was seconded to the French Administration to organise the A/V presentations of the Sciences and Industry Museum in Paris, up to the opening. He joined the Broadcast Division of Thomson in 1986 and had various positions up to General Manager. From 2002 to 2006 he was the Vice-Chairman of the ITEA Board a “Eureka research cluster for embedded and distributed software”. Today, he is the Director for European Public Affairs at Technicolor, Honorary Chairman of the High Definition Forum France, co-chairman of the High Definition Group of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, Chairman of the Agora for Home Networking France, and Vice-Chairman of UNPIUT, the Association of French University Institutes of Technology Chairpersons.