Nada Kovačević

Nada Kovačević has a PhD in Pharmacy. She jointed the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Belgrade in 1984. and from that time she pass all steps from technical assistant to full professor. She is teaching Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy; has been a supervisor for 4 PhD dissertations, 5 master theses, 4 professional specializations and more then 50 students’ graduate papers. Professor Kovačević is coordinator for the national research project No. 173021 deals with research in medicinal plants. She took part in FP7 project (member of team FP7-KBBE-2008-3-1-01). The main fields of her research interest are: Morphological, chemical and pharmacological characterization of wild growing plants and Regulation and products of secondary metabolism of the plant cultures in vitro. She has published more 50 papers in international journals, has a text book for pharmacognosy and one popular book about medicinal plants; her papers were citrated more then 250 times. Professor Kovačević has been a Head of Department of Pharmacognosy (1997-2007) and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy (2007-2012). In this moment she is a vise-rector of University of Belgrade (2012-) deals with education (teaching and learning). Professor Kovačević serves as a president of National Board for Pharmacy. She is a member of Pharmaceutical Society of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Pharmacy, National Scientific Board for Biology. She was a president of National Committee for OTC and member of Committee for human drugs. Professor Kovačević is a member of International Society for Medicinal Plant Research and vise-president of Association on medicinal and aromatic plants of the southeast European countries – AMAPSEEC. Additionally she was Editor-in-Chief of Archive of Pharmacy (2005 – 2012) and she is a member of editorial board of Phytotherapy Research.