Levente Kiss

Levente Kiss MD PhD is the appointed director of the Teaching Center at the Faculty of Medicine of Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) and also a senior assistant professor at the Department of Physiology of the same institution His research interests are mainly focused around the role of gasotransmitters in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology with particular attention to hydrogen sulfide. His work has received more than 1300 citations. Along with research activities he has a keen interest in improving medical education. His work in the field resulted in a collaboration with Ronald M Harden (the leading person in current medical education) and led to a co-authored publication (Curriculum Trends in Medical Education in Europe in the 21st Centuryā€¯). He has been involved in teaching physiology to Hungarian and foreign medical, dental and pharmacy students since 2004 and he is a member of the Hungarian Society of Medical Education and Health Science since 2011.