Sadie King

Sadie King is a principal Researcher and Consultant at the Tavistock Institute in London, as well as the Project Coordinator of the IDEAS project. She works primarily on evaluation projects and social policy research, and in a broad range of fields including Cultural Services, Crime Reduction, Adult Social Care, Mental Health and Well-being, Education and Community Development. A common thread throughout her work is participation and equality and she bring to this a wider perspective from trade union and community activism. She is particularly interested in supporting organisations to build capacity to evidence and monitor outcomes and to understand the cultural dynamics impacting on change and the success of projects. She aspires to leave a legacy to clients of new knowledge and the ability to build on that independently. In addition to her research career she has 6 years of public service experience as a policy officer in local government and in the NHS in mental health promotion. Previously, Sadie has worked in Cameroon on wildlife conservation issues and in Nigeria, where she completed her doctorate research in anthropology on national identity within marginal youth cultures. She has continued to work on issues within the West African diaspora in London. For example, ‘The Healers Project: an intercultural dialogue on mental health and African Faith Healers’ (2006) and more recently she have been working on human rights issues of young Nigerians trafficked to Britain and/or facing immigration problems.