Michal Karpíšek, Secretary-General of EURASHE

Michal Karpíšek is the Secretary-General of EURASHE since June 2016. Within this role Michal has been engaged in policy and representation activities at EU level focused on higher education learning, teaching, research, engagement with stakeholders and its service for society, he supervised various projects on specific related issues. He has been Executive Officer of the Czech Association of Schools of Professional Higher Education (CASPHE) since 1994 and through their internationalisation focus got engaged in various structures, including EURASHE. Michal Karpíšek was a member of the EURASHE Council for 12 years and between 2007 and 2016 he served as Vice-President. In the past years, Michal Karpíšek was involved in the reforms of Czech tertiary education. He served twice as an advisor to Czech ministers of education (2001-2003, 2010-2011) or their deputies for higher education with a particular attention to issues of diversification and quality of tertiary education. He graduated from the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering and has a degree in Quality Management from the Cranfield University (United Kingdom).

Michal Karpíšek (Czech Republic), 6th Secretary General of EURASHE (2016 – present)

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